Brisbane Doorway Balloon Garlands

doorway balloon garland brisbane


Want to welcome someone home with a bit of a pop? Our doorway garlands are perfect! whether you want to welcome party guests with a bit of a flamboyant entrance, welcome home a new baby, or suprise a new home owner with a gallant entrance - we've got you covered!


We offer full design, delivery, installation and pack up. doorway balloon garland Installations include latex balloons in your desired colour scheme.


Small Doorway balloon garland 1.5m (pictured above): from $150^

Medium Doorway balloon garland 3m (pictured below): from $280^

Large Doorway Balloon Garland 6m: from $500^

Drop us a line below and let us know your date, location and any photos or design ideas you have in mind so we can provide an accurate quote!

 brisbane doorway decoration

Our focus is around sustainable partying, so we only use high quality natural latex balloons that are 100% degradable. We also re-use balloon stripping and displays. Because we want to retain the quality of our re-usable materials, if any reusable materials are used in your display we require that pack up needs to be organised within 48 hours. If you need your installation  up for longer than that, please reach out to us at and we will work together on finding a solution 

We only use professional balloons made from latex and are proud and active members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA). Dust Confetti and Party do NOT support, condone or facilitate the organised release of balloons.

* conditions apply


*Pricing depends on final scope and any special requests regarding delivery or installation.