Balloon Drops Brisbane

Balloon Drop Brisbane
Maybe it's as the couple kiss at a wedding, or a bottle of Champagne is popped for a 21st, or as an employee of the year is awarded, a balloon drop is an awesome way to highlight a special moment at your event!
We work with you to decide on the perfect colour scheme to match your event and special moment. We rig up the balloon drop and will show you (or someone you trust) how to activate the drop for when the right moment hits! (trust us, it is super simple, but if you would prefer we do it we can also do that :))

Drop us a line below if you would like a quote for your event. Don't forget to add in your event details (location, date and time) as well as any thought you have on the design and we'll get back to you!

Because we want to retain the quality of our re-usable materials, if your display includes a backdrop or stand, we require that pack up needs to be organised within 48 hours. We can also provide a clean up service post your event if required.

We only use professional latex balloons and are proud and active members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA). We do NOT support, condone or facilitate the organised release of balloons.