About Us

About Us - The Short Version

At Dust Confetti and Party we love colours, partying, making friends and craft! But most importantly we are conscious of the environmental impact of the disposable party goods industry. Which is why we  LOVE highlighting anything in our range made from recycled materials, that is handmade, recyclable or biodegradable!

We range products that we hand make ourselves as well as products fitting our philosophy which are sourced from other ethically minded companies. We love getting custom requests, suggestions and feedback from customers to improve and expand the range we offer!

Would we love to ONLY be selling eco friendly, biodegradable party goods made from recycled materials without plastic packaging? Yes! Are we 100% there yet? Unfortunately no, but we see that as our future and are working hard every day to take one step closer to achieving that dream! Everything we range ticks at least two of our sustainability boxes and we are always honest in our product descriptions so our amazing customers know exactly what they are buying.

If you have any feedback, questions, suggestions, or just want to chat parties don't hesitate to send us an email at hello@dustconfetti.com.au!

So... that's the gist of it. If you want the full story keep reading (but be prepared to endure a whole lot of rambling!)

About Us - The Long Version (AKA - How It All Started With A Dog!)

Howdy! My name is Louise and I am the owner of Dust Confetti and Party. I often get asked "how did you get into this?" and I usually tell the following story. Be warned, normally those people regret asking me 5 minutes into my bumbling monologue

It all started with a dog. Specifically, a sausage dog. When tasked with decorating a Dachshund themed birthday party for a friend I scoured the internet for something fitting and found… absolutely nothing! 

Left to my own devices (not always a good thing) I went about making my own Dachshund confetti! Sharing my success on social media people saw my bespoke confetti and wanted some too! Yay! Ego massively inflated from this small amount of flattery I opened an Etsy store selling custom and quirky confetti. But it’s important to note that back then I was using foil and plastics as a lover of all things shiny and sparkly! 

Some sales came, but what really turned things around was an angry message from a definite never-to-be customer "This is a fudging* hazard!!!!" they said. I sat looking at the message on my screen, emotionally shaken and visibly sweating. I stayed up all night thinking about it. It was something that hadn't even crossed my mind but yeah, they were right. I would love to say that what happened next was due to my higher calling to save the planet, but to be honest, I was terrified of receiving more angry messages. I immediately put my Etsy store on pause and did some research into eco-friendly party options. I revised all of my confetti listings to be paper-based, no plastics or foils, to ensure my products wouldn’t harm the planet, and I sourced an excellent supplier of recycled goods that I could use. 

After making that shift I became a lot more conscious of the massive impact disposable party goods had on the environment. With support from my friends and family, I decided to expand my business and opened an online store specialising in eco-friendly options for party-goers.

Do we still make custom and quirky confetti? Yes, of course! And we love doing it! (one of our favourite requests is for dog-themed wedding confetti for people who have their dogs participating in their ceremony - adorable) however these days we stick mostly to paper-based products, the majority of our products are handmade with love and recycled products and we make sure once the party is over our products can be recycled too! 

I love talking to customers, and even more, I love getting feedback, good or bad, as every piece of feedback we've received has helped us learn, grow and become a better eco-friendly supplier. So if you want to chat, have a quirky confetti request or just want to let us know your thoughts email us directly at hello@dustconfetti.com.au!


Louise xx