Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

unique bridal shower ideas

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

Does the sound of sitting around politely, nibbling tiny sandwiches and engaging in inoffensive small talk bore you to tears? If you’re shopping around for some more unique bridal shower ideas, checkout our suggestions below!


Dungeons and Bridezillas

Bridezilla and the quest to the altar, turn your bridal party into a rag-tag group of warlocks, bards and barbarians on a quest to help get Bridezilla to the altar on time! Does an Orc steal Bridezilla’s ring and it’s up to the party to find it before the wedding day? Has the hen’s party at the local tavern gone awry and Bridezilla has made off with an Elf? Has the stress of wedding planning gotten too much and Bridezilla has turned into a dragon?

The only limit is your imagination! (and the patience of your bridal party, if they’re not into RPGs) Even if you’ve never played dungeons and dragons before, it’s easy enough to pickup the basics, use one of the existing quests or for something more entertaining create your own wedding themed adventure! Wizards of the coast has a great getting started guide here: https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/basicrules and geek and sundry have quizzes to create character backstories, check it out here: https://geekandsundry.com/tag/beginners-guide-to-dd-character-building/ it’s just like a cosmo quiz only nerdier :p


Group Photoshoot

I’m a mo-model if you know what I mean! If you love a good pose and want some really insta-worthy shots why not turn your bridal shower into a group photoshoot session? Smart phones have pretty good cameras these days, why not enlist a family member, or maybe one of the groom’s crew to be your party’s professional photographer for the day? Alternatively there are heaps of websites and apps these days where you can hire a professional photographer for an afternoon! (check out https://www.snappr.co or fiver!)

Checkout local community spots and businesses if you want to hire a studio, or checkout local carnivals and fetes to get some really colourful shots!


Op shop Fashion show

Why not take your party on a trip to a local op shop and have a competition to who can find the most out-there outfit! Partner it with some buddy-up makeovers and you have got yourself a fashion show! Who knows, you may find a hidden treasure you may end up using on your wedding day, and it’s all towards a good cause!