Top 3 Wedding Colour Schemes Trending for 2022

Top 3 Wedding Colour Schemes Trending for 2022

By Sarah Shannon


The perfect wedding is something that a lot of people dream about from the time they are very young. And while it will be one of the happiest days of your life, it does take a lot of planning to get there! While the perfect suit or gown and stunning bouquets are important, often the first consideration (aside from your choice in significant other) is what colour scheme to go with! To help you take this first step, check out our Top 3 Wedding Colour Schemes Trending for 2022 to inspire you in planning your special day!


Black is the new Black!

This timeless classic is making a comeback in 2022 and is a bold signature colour that is bound to impress with its quiet sophistication and versatility either on its own, or when used to complement almost any other colour.


Nothing says elegance quite like black and white paired together. Pair the crisp white of a traditional style wedding dress with fresh, white roses and a solid black suit and tie. If you’re looking for a more modern twist, black also works as the perfect accompaniment for any other neutral tone; introducing touches of beige, taupe or cream will add warmth to this dark colour base.


If brighter shades are more for you, garb your wedding party in signature black and incorporate bright pops of colour like yellow, orange or hot pink. The black will create a pleasing contrast against these splashes of colour without the fear of these tones appearing too overbearing or stealing the show from the blushing bride.


Jewel Tones are a Girl’s Best Friend!

If Hollywood glamour is more your style, then bold jewel tones should be your pick in 2022!


These opulent shades will add a subtle drama and style to your event that will make your guests feel as though they have been swept into another world!  Opt for deep purple or experiment with peacock blue in your décor, while the bridesmaids stun in rich shades of ruby or emerald.


While these hues may suggest a darker colour scheme, they are well known for their vibrancy and the ease with which they can be mixed and matched to perfectly complement each other. No matter how you put them together, jewel tones will bring an elegance that will leave you sparkling as the light of the wedding day wanes into a delightful evening of post-wedding festivities.


Pretty in Pastels

Nothing adds a touch of romance quite like gentle pastel shades, and 2022 is all about celebrating with all the colours of a slightly softer rainbow palette!


While these colours may seem a bit shyer than their neon counterparts, they are no less impactful and come with the added advantage that the whispering pinks, pale lilacs and zesty lemons blend effortlessly together in any combination.


Bring the tones more down to Earth with shades of sage green or soft grey and incorporate trailing greenery and baby’s breath to your arrangements for a relaxed, intimate atmosphere for you and your guests that will leave you feeling like you’re walking on a pastel-perfect Cloud Nine!