Top 3 Trending Kids Party Ideas for 2022

Top 3 Trending Kids Party Ideas

Sarah Shannon


With so many life-changing events happening over the last few years, it has presented some unique challenges in the way we celebrate the big milestones. But while it has been a challenging time for many of us, it has also highlighted how important it is to celebrate the big occasions and to let kids be kids! Check out our Top 3 Trending Kids Party ideas to help inspire you for that next big birthday party!  


Make your party poppin'!

Balloons have always been a staple at birthday parties, but it isn’t until recently that decorating with balloons has been becoming a statement piece!


Whether the theme is unicorns, superheroes or a rainbow of colours, balloons are incredibly versatile; their wide range of shapes and sizes help to create depth and form, inspiring their use as an alternative to where streamers and flowers once reigned supreme.


The simple balloon has been reimagined as balloon arch entryways to an imaginary land, trailing centrepieces that draw the eye and sculptures that create a striking backdrop for those all-important photo opportunities. Weave in ribbons or introduce some greenery, with balloons, whatever you can dream can be made a reality and help tie the theme together in a way guests won’t forget!


Bring the Inside, Outside!

Along with lockdowns came A LOT of time spent inside finding new ways to stay entertained. Once a niche pastime, video games have become a common hobby for young and old alike, and while they are a great way to stave off boredom while stuck indoors, it’s time to get friends and family together IRL with a video game themed party!


No matter your age, Pokémon remains at the forefront of our hearts and minds and is the perfect theme for a kid’s party. The options are endless – pick a colour theme based on your favourite Pokémon type or start a scavenger hunt to ‘Catch ‘Em All.’


Pokémon isn’t the only option for the little gamers out there that will also bring that nostalgia factor to older guests - Mario and Sonic are also well-known themes that can be explored and are great for a family friendly vibe, while Minecraft and Fortnite are great options for older kids - why not incorporate your own 3D terrain or Loot Llama as the basis for some themed party favours!


Express yourself – Individual and Personalised!

One of the best things about kids’ birthday parties is the food! With so many changes to how we interact with our world, individually packed and customised treats are the way to go!


Make your guests feel super special with customised gift boxes, these can be filled with their own small servings of party food that they can enjoy in their own time and which allows for a personalised touch through colour themes or items picked just for them.


These individual packs can also serve as a great take-home party favour, why not add a wrapped cupcake or cookie, or better yet, let them decorate their own and take them home as a cute reminder of a great day!