Top 3 ideas for a gender neutral baby shower

Top 3 Ideas for a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Sarah Shannon


Whether it’s your first or your fifth, welcoming a new baby is always exciting - especially when celebrating their impending arrival surrounded by friends and family! Whether you want the gender to be a surprise or you just want something a bit different to the usual pink or blue, gender neutral baby showers are becoming more popular. But gone are the days where gender neutral means having to stick to a single colour scheme – check out our Top 3 Ideas for a Gender Neutral Baby Shower!


Out of this World

Space has always held a certain mystery for us Earthlings, and while the gender of your baby may not be a mystery, space might be the perfect theme for your baby shower!


While Space usually conjures up thoughts of a dark night sky glittering with stars, this theme’s simple versatility allows it to create the perfect backdrop for a variety of gender neutral options. Add a rainbow of different colours by incorporating brightly coloured decorations of planets and astronauts or by keeping it simple with twinkling LED stars and luminous sun and moons to create a more sophisticated look.


Galaxy themed parties have also been gaining in popularity as pinks, purples, and light blue can be easily incorporated. Complete the theme with flying saucer cupcakes and alien shaped cookies, rocket ship balloon sculptures, and star cut outs that can be hung near the gift table for guests to leave you advice or well wishes for the new baby.


A Fairy Tale of your own

Growing up we all had a favourite storybook that we read over and over again as it captivated our very hearts and minds. A new baby is a fairy tale all on its own and lends itself perfectly to a Storybook themed baby shower!


With so many options to choose from, decorate to your favorite theme such as quirky colours and shapes for Dr Seuss, a natural look with Winnie the Pooh or a timeless traditional theme with Beatrix Potter. If you just can’t decide, select a variety of favourites and create a world of imagination with themed food and drinks such as a red Velveteen Rabbit cake, a Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar snack table or Green Eggs and Ham sandwiches!


Convert the usual gift table into a beautiful bookcase and ask your guests to bring a book with a heartfelt message in lieu of a card, or theme your own guest book to look like your favourite storybook!


Go Wild!

Animal themes have always been a popular choice for baby showers, and while adorable nursery animals will never go out of style, a jungle or safari theme can add a bold, modern twist to a baby shower.


Using a variety of lush greens as a base, adorn tables with natural greenery such as palm fronds and vines and add pops of orange and red flowers to make your guests think they’re in the heart of the jungle! No jungle is complete without a tiger print cake, and perfectly placed cheeky monkey decorations!


If you have your safari suit ready, layer wooden tables and chairs with bold zebra or giraffe print table runners and highlight with decorations in tawny yellows and golds. Why not create your own Pride Rock for gifts and where guests can fill in the guest book or make predictions on when the new baby will arrive!