4 simple ways to plan an eco friendly wedding


4 simple ways to plan an eco friendly wedding

Written by: Rachel Watkins 

Instagram @written_byrachel 

Haven't you heard? Eco-friendly weddings are the new black! With many couples now looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their big day, we’ve got four simple changes you can make to start planning your dream eco-friendly wedding! 



Let’s start at the very beginning. Every single person you invite to your wedding is going to add to your environmental impact. How? By contributing to waste, water usage, food production, packaging and fuel consumption. Reducing your guest list will have an immediate impact on your wedding’s carbon footprint while creating a more intimate and memorable affair!



Consider creating a website for your wedding. This limits the number of printed items needed as registry information, RSVP’s and song requests can all be managed through the site. There are many simple and free platforms that can be used with premade wedding templates. 


A staggering amount of paper is used each year to print wedding invitations. Which is why there are an increasing number of options using 100% and partially recycled paper. But the harsh reality is many of your guests will end up throwing your wedding invitation out after your special day. Which is why eco-brides are choosing seeded invites instead. This recycled paper is made with seeds of flowers or herbs. After the wedding, your guests simply plant your invitation, water it and watch it grow! 



That blissful moment when the newlyweds walk back down the aisle is one of pure happiness and celebration. While there are many natural alternatives to confetti including flower petals and even herbs nothing quite beats walking through the colourful shower of confetti. Fear not, environmentally friendly vendors stock biodegradable confetti which is just as beautiful in photos while being friendly for the environment. 


Wedding Favours: 

Many couples have been turning away from wedding favours because of the waste they produce. There are however many eco-friendly favours which are made from natural materials and are kinder for the planet. Let’s be honest your guests don't want another shot glass, stubby holder or knick-knack. Try these eco-friendly options instead: 


Succulents - Whether planted in mini fishbowls or displayed in biodegradable pulp containers you can easily use these favours as your table place cards too.


Soy Candles - Not only are soy wax candles a natural and renewable product they also don’t release toxins into the air like their paraffin wax counterparts. 


Edible treats - The original no waste wedding favour and the midnight snack your guest will thank you for!  Source local products to reduce excessive transport and unwanted plastic packaging which add to your wedding’s carbon footprint. Harvest local honey, make homemade granola jars, or purchase fairtrade coffee from your favourite coffee shop. 


With more and more couples making an effort to reduce the environmental impact of their nuptials eco-friendly weddings aren’t just a trend. Whether you make these four simple changes or decide to plan a full-blown eco-friendly wedding there are endless ways you can take a sustainable approach to your big day! 

Written by: Rachel Watkins 

Instagram @written_byrachel