In Quarantine Kids Party Ideas


kids quarantine party ideas

By Jasmine Mee Lee


Birthday parties are a big event for a kid, and it can be tough to make them special with social distancing. We understand it can be difficult figuring out who to invite, so here are a few tips and tricks to help make the day fun and safe.

 quarantine kids party ideas


It’s seems simple but decorations do make the day special. When your little one is asleep, decorate the house. There is something magical about waking up in morning to discover the place decorated just for you. Go all out! We suggest creating a confetti ( pathway from their bedroom door to their presents. Have a decorated birthday chair just for them and make a special birthday breakfast. Start the day with celebration and fun!

 quarantine kids party ideas

DIY Photobooth

Most kids love taking photos, so why not try an at home photobooth? All you need is a tablet, tripod and some props. We recommend Simple Booth app ( it formats your photos and makes it easy to share with family and friends. You can make your own props from your child’s favourite tv show, movie or book. This way they can be involved in the creative process and pick what they want to make. Paddle pop sticks are handy for creating masks and colouring books can be a helpful outline for characters. For older kids, try using fabric or old clothes to create capes and costumes.

 quarantine kids party ideas

Chat with Your Favourite Character

It can tough for your kids during this time, so a five-minute chat with their favourite character could make their special day a little brighter. Australian entertainment company Fly By Fun are currently offering free live online meet and greets for kids on their birthday. You just need to go to their website, ( send an enquiry and make sure you have a computer with a webcam or a smartphone.

 quarantine kids party ideas

Scavenger Hunt

This one can keep both the kids and adults entertained and can be shared with friends via Zoom. Keep it simple but fun! We suggest making a Zoom chat (and warning the other parents beforehand) and giving the kids a time limit and list of things to find. Try catering the list according to their age, for little ones maybe start with five things, like their favourite toy, crayon, a tissue, a leaf and a snack. Then the kids can compare results on the chat!

 quarantine kids party ideas

Sharing The Cake

This one will involve some coordination from online guests! As restrictions ease, we are able to have more people in our homes, but a limited guest list can be tough to manage so we suggest sharing the big moment. For those who can’t come to the party, invite them to a Zoom chat for the cake. Before the party asks guests to have some cake and a candle, we recommend our Beeswax candles (,  put aside so when happy birthday is sung everyone can blow out the candle at the same time. If you feel like going one step further, we suggest sending a candle and a photobooth mask to the kids beforehand so everyone can enjoy the party!