How to plan a socially distanced wedding

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How to Plan a Socially Distanced Wedding

Written by: Rachel Watkins

Couples around the world have proven throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that it is true what the Beatles said “All you need is love.” With restrictions easing slightly a new type of wedding celebration can now take place - the socially distanced wedding and I think we could all agree that we are in need of celebrations now more so than ever.

Socially Distanced Wedding - noun so·cial·ly | dis·tanced | wed·ding

A wedding ceremony and reception which follows government guidelines in regards to the reduced number of guests and physically distancing protocols to reduce the spread of a contagious disease.

Fewer Guests = A More Intimate Affair

Whilst eliminating guests can often be a source of disagreement between couples and their families, it can no longer be avoided. A good rule of thumb is to eliminate anyone the couple hasn’t met before, friends and family you haven't spoken to in the past year and partners of friends you don’t know very well. Surrounding yourself with people who love you, support you and take an active interest in your life will ensure an intimate wedding celebration that will be long remembered! (No awkward “who is that?” when you look at your wedding photos 40 years from now is just another added bonus!)

Virtual Streaming

We are beyond fortunate for the technology at our disposal to stay connected with loved ones. Make sure you talk with your venue to ensure live streaming is planned for, meaning location, internet connection and sound quality are taken into account. Virtual streaming will allow your at risk family members; like grandparents to still watch you get married even if they can’t attend. Friends unable to travel and those who you weren’t able to invite can still be part of your day and can party into the night with you from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Take the Party Outside

Struggling to let go of your big wedding dreams? Then it’s time to take the party outside! Outdoor gatherings have and will continue to have greater allowed numbers than indoor functions. This means less arguments over the guest lists and more people to share in your special day. Think garden parties, barefoot beach nuptials and bush weddings. Safety Precautions and Wedding


A great way to communicate the venue guidelines and safety precautions you have in place is via your own wedding website. If face masks are required to satisfy government guidelines or just to make people feel at ease should they wish to wear them, you can highlight the amazing creations on offer since COVID -19 including wedding specific face masks and even face mask and tie sets Hand sanitiser will need to be made available for guests for the foreseeable future so why not kill two birds with one stone? Miniature personalised hand sanitiser bottles would make cute and more importantly useful party favors for your guests.

Creative Seating

Typically wedding ceremony seating mimics the classroom with compact rows intimidatingly facing the bridal party. If you are having your ceremony outside or at the same location as your reception you should consider rethinking your seating. We love the circular configuration which puts the couple at the centre surrounded by their loved ones. This allows you to spread out your guests while ensuring everyone can see and hear the ceremony. It is also a great configuration to shower the happy couple with colourful confetti for their first kiss. Just make sure it’s biodegradable confetti meaning it’s not harmful for animals or the environment as it disintegrates with water.

Avoid Props and Pens

Like communal serving utensils and water jugs, A LOT of hands can touch photobooth props and guest book pens. Ditch the props and invest in an amazing open photo booth backdrop. As for your guestbook, it’s time to go digital. Try the WedShoots app to create a collective wedding album, where your guests can use the comments to share their well wishes. Government health officials warn that weddings create a high risk for the spread of COVID-19, so unfortunately until there’s a vaccine weddings will need to be planned and modified to reduce the risk of spread. This does not mean missing out and in fact could result in a more intimate and memorable day.