Eco-chic Wedding Bouquets


Written by: Rachel Watkins 

Instagram @written_byrachel 

The movie picture-perfect wedding is one filled with lavish flower arches and flower girls trailing gorgeous petals to reveal the blushing bride holding a fresh flowering bouquet. Thankfully couples today are becoming more aware of the impact their wedding planning decisions are having on the planet. But fear not caring for the environment does not mean sacrificing the look of your dream wedding. Read on if you’re looking for ways to be more ethically minded when making your floral decisions.  


Local and in Season 

The biggest way to reduce your environmental impact is to shop local and feature blooms that are in season. Fresh flowers that are grown overseas often have been farmed using nasty fertilisers which are harmful to the environment. Shopping locally will eliminate the electricity used to keep your flowers refrigerated during transit as well as reduce the fuel consumption required to ship them, usually from abroad. 


Say No To Floral Foam 

Floral foam is one of the oldest forms of plastic. Unfortunately, it is used by some florists to anchor flower stems and construct large scale arrangements often seen at weddings. The foam is not biodegradable and contains known carcinogens, which are substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue. Eco-friendly florists are ditching the foam for more sustainable options including wood pebbles and cardboard. Before selecting a florist ensure you ask them where they source their flowers from, if they use refrigeration and most importantly if they use floral foam!


Flower Wrapping Station 

Sadly many venues will throw out your stunning floral arrangements not long after your guests depart. If you are planning on sourcing locally grown and in-season blooms why not set up a dedicated flower wrapping station to encourage your guests to take your flowers home. A small sign, brown paper and simple packing string are all the materials you need to ensure your flowers don’t end up in the bin. Designate one person to collect any leftover flowers at the end of the night and you can donate them to local nursing homes or hospitals. 


Brooch Bouquet 

Your bouquet doesn’t actually need to be made of flowers. Booch bouquets use recycled materials, look stunning in photographs and are the perfect family heirloom to share with your sister, children or grandchildren one day. 


Paper Bouquet

“It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” - Pride and Prejudice 


Walk down the aisle holding the words from great love stories! Paper bouquets made from old book pages are beautiful to look at, light to hold and can be tailored to include pages from books that have special meaning to your relationship. Paper bouquets are becoming increasingly popular with eco-brides as they are kinder for the environment and are also something brides can DIY!


If you want that feel-good feeling that only comes from protecting mother Earth find yourself an eco-friendly florist or wow your guests by choosing a non-floral bouquet!

Written by: Rachel Watkins 

Instagram @written_byrachel