Best Ways to Use TikTok for your 21st

Best Ways to Use TikTok for your 21st

 By Sarah Shannon

POV: your 21st birthday is coming up and you want to plan a birthday party that no one will ever forget! You unconsciously reach for your phone and before you know it, you’re lost on TikTok! While TikTok is hugely entertaining, it can also be inspiring! Check out our list of the Best Ways to Use TikTok for your 21st!


Build a Killer Playlist

Nothing sets the vibe for an awesome 21st birthday party better than a killer playlist! TikTok is the perfect place to find catchy tunes that will have your guests dancing in no time!


TikTok is known for its viral tunes and chances are high that if you play a song from TikTok, your guests are going know it, and more often than not, love it! Whether it’s new music from up-and-coming artists or old favourites that we all know and love; mix them with some creative TikTok reimagined versions and you have an amazing playlist where guests may break into choreographed dance moves, or perhaps even the most stubborn of wallflowers may end up starting a trend of their own!


Bringing People Together

One of the biggest challenges as an adult is trying to bring different friend groups together – you love them and you just want them to get along too! While this may be the case, it can be difficult to break the ice with people who have only said hi now and then – awkward silences? No problem! Let TikTok be your guide!


There’s no question that TikTok has a huge variety of original content; whether it’s crazy trends, pet videos, resurrected vines or just a good old-fashioned prank, they become a great starting point to create some common ground.


Why not create a compilation of some your favourites, or get your guests to suggest their top creators, and play them throughout the night? Instead of being glued to their phones, they’ll be glued to the content and their new friends around them!


The Perfect Gift

Tired of socks and jocks? Buying the perfect gift can be difficult, particularly for a big event like a 21st, and sometimes even the best of friends need a helping hand. TikTok is the perfect platform for dropping those subtle hints!


You’re casually scrolling through the FYP and a new makeup palette pops up, what about those leggings, or perhaps you do actually need more LED lights? Check out some of your favourite items and then share them with your friends to drop a clever hint!


Make it Memorable

21st birthday parties are all about celebrating with your friends and family and creating new, happy memories! TikTok is a unique way to share the night with them.


Create a hashtag with a memorable moment of the night, like blowing out your candles, and ask your guests to duet or share their best moment from the party too. This will create a personalised video album of your big night; just make sure that you set these to private if you only want these viewable by your friends!