7 Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Wedding Confetti

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7 Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Wedding Confetti 

Written By: Rachel Watkins 

Married, in love and blissfully happy you walk back down the aisle to the cheers and celebration of your family and friends. It’s a moment you are going to remember forever, and it’s made even more memorable by the shower of confetti that greets you. Make sure that happy moment is good for the environment by choosing an eco-friendly alternative.  

Biodegradable Confetti 

Have your colourful recessional and stunning photographs 100% guilt-free with biodegradable confetti. Usually made from either, biodegradable paper, gluten and corn starch or rice paper, biodegradable confetti is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 

Bird Seed

Congratulate the love birds by tossing birdseed as they pass by! Not only is birdseed eco-friendly and economical but it’s wildlife-friendly too. Try to avoid mixtures that contain ‘fillers’ such as red millet and oats as these are unattractive to our feathery friends and often lead to excess waste as the birds sort through the mix. (yes, birds are fussy eaters too!) 


You will fall in love with this DIY eco-friendly confetti! Enjoy the outdoors as you collect beautiful leaves. To get a similar look to confetti collect leaves of different colours but especially red, yellow, orange and green. For longevity dry the leaves before using shaped hole punches to make your unique and memorable wedding confetti! What’s great about this is your confetti becomes 100% personalised, getting to select shapes that have meaning to your relationship. 


Did you know lavender represents refinement, grace and elegance? What a beautiful and fragrant symbol to have on your special day! Lavender is simple to grow and dry making it another perfect DIY option for your eco-friendly wedding. 

Flower Petals 

Whether they are fresh or dried, flower petals are becoming increasingly popular with eco-conscious couples. Just remember if you are going to purchase your petals from a flower market or florist buy local blooms that are in season to reduce your carbon footprint. 


According to Celtic folklore, many herbs have symbolic meanings. Create a stunning toss table by labelling each herb and sharing the symbolism associated with it. It’s lovely to think you are showering the newlyweds with such beautiful and meaningful sentiments. 

Jasmine  – Love and Money

Mint – Protection and Strength

Parsley –  Love

Rosemary – Love, Loyalty and Fidelity 

Sage  – Wisdom and Longevity 

Thyme – Courage and Strength  

Violets –  Devotion and Forgiveness 

Hops – Mirth 


Imagine the sheer joy on guests' faces as they throw air-popped popcorn at the happy couple as they start the next chapter of their real-life rom-com! An inexpensive option that can be eaten by hungry guests and happy wildlife. It's also a really cute option for couples who had their first date at the movies, as a way of further personalising their wedding day. 

Don’t forget to take the time to carefully consider what you’re going to put your confetti in. Eco-friendly options include biodegradable confetti cones, fabric bags, recyclable noodle boxes, glass test tubes and baskets. Confetti is a fun and memorable addition to your wedding and with so many incredible options it’s comforting to know it can be good for the environment too!